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Why Medical Tourism

The concept of medical travel (a.k.a medical tourism) involving travel to another country to receive treatment for illness or diseases has gained currency in the last few years.  In this context, India is increasingly seen as a preferred destination, especially from residents in developed countries such as USA and Canada (for specific specialties).  In 2017, nearly 500,000 international patients received medical treatment in Indian hospitals; and this number is estimated to grow by 25% every year.

Why is India a favored destination for medical tourism?

India is home to several super-specialty hospitals spread across major cities, offering advanced treatment and patient care on par with the best hospitals in North America and Europe.  India has 34 JCI-accredited and 544 NABH-accredited hospitals as of September 2018.

JCI is a US-based non-profit that accredits healthcare organizations and programs around the world.  It takes 2 years or longer to secure JCI (Learn More about JCI) accreditation and the evaluation is made over 1000 elements related to patient care and quality of treatment.

NABH (Learn More about NABH) accreditation is awarded to hospitals in India which meet over 600 objectives covering patient management and hospital operations and infrastructure.

  1. Access to a vast pool of foreign-trained and experienced doctors across all specialties including Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology and Kidney & Liver transplant surgery offering their services through world-class hospitals.
  2. Affordable cost of medical treatment – typically 1/3rd of what it costs for comparative treatment in hospitals in the US.
  3. Little or no waiting time for surgical procedures or other treatment, accompanied by easy availability of hotels or furnished apartments for stay before and after medical treatment.
  4. All the major cities are well-connected with close proximity to international airports. India has 126 airports of which 30 of them are international airports.
  5. e-Visas to India for medical treatment available easily through online submission of the documents without requiring visit to the India Consulate Offices.
  6. India has a large English-speaking population (125 million+) with access to internet (460 million internet users) using smartphones (300 million+) will help international travelers feel at home.