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Medical To India is in the medical tourism business, plain and simple.

At Medical To India, we are singularly committed to helping people seeking medical treatment in India by connecting them with the right specialists and hospital, besides assisting them with visa, travel and stay arrangements.

Medical To India is backed by a team with many years of experience in healthcare, and staffed in US and Canada, in addition to wide presence in India.

Why should you partner with Medical To India team for your travel to India?

1.  Medical To India team is uncompromising on these core values:

  1. Client confidentiality and privacy
  2. Commitment to support and assist with all of your medical travel needs and stay in India
  3. Open communication and utmost transparency

2. Access to the best medical facilities and expertise through a network of hospitals and specialist doctors across all major cities in India

3. Support and guidance on areas including medical visas, travel and stay in India