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Gynecology deals with a women’s reproductive system.  A woman’s reproductive organs are constantly changing through the normal processes of sexual activity, pregnancy and aging, as also through disease and injury.  A related specialization is Obstetrics, which deals with pregnancy and complications that result from it.

The following are some of the procedures associated with gynecology:


  1. Hysterectomy or removal of the uterus
  2. Ovary removal
  3. Removal of fallopian tubes during surgery
  4. Taking cone biopsies from the inner walls of the uterus if cancer of the womb is suspected
  5. Colposcopy and hysteroscopy, where the insides of the uterus are viewed using endoscope like instruments
  6. Taking biopsy or tissue samples from the cervix, if cancer is suspected
  7. Taking routine Pap smears from the cervix in order to diagnose and detect cervix cancer
  8. Ultrasound examination of the reproductive organs
  9. Laparoscopy or visualizing the inner abdominal organs of the female reproductive system and diagnosis and removal of cysts and infections from the ovaries and fallopian tubes
  10. Removal of uterus fibroids
  11. Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  12. Diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence
  13. Diagnosis problems with menstruation like absence, heavy bleeding, irregular or no-onset of menstruation etc.
  14. Diagnosis and treatment of cancers of cervix, vagina, vulva, uterus or ovary along with a team of physicians and surgeons including an oncologist or cancer specialist.

 Source:  https://www.news-medical.net/health/What-is-Gynecology.aspx

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